The Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC) was established in December 1977, to cater for the commuting needs of the people.

Since then, the Corporation has grown to offer an expansive range of services to cater for daily needs of the Seychellois people, including special hires, private jobs and advertising opportunities.

At present, SPTC is the only public transportation service provider in Seychelles, and its services operate on the islands of Mahé and Praslin. Approximately 55,000 people, Seychellois and visitors alike make use of our services on a daily basis.

Bus services operate throughout the day, from 0530hrs to 2030hrs.

  • All day fare trips cost SR7/-

  • Aircon services are at SR15/-

  • Special night circular services at 2030hrs operate from Monday to Saturday, tracing the Northern and Southern parts of Mahé, at the cost of SR10/-

On Praslin, daily services operate from 0550hrs to 1820hrs.

Commuters are being advised that under the Road Transport (Public Service Vehicles) Regulations, all commuters travelling on SPTC buses should be in possession of a valid ticket. SPTC will be reinforcing this regulation and passengers without a valid ticket will be subjected to SR50/- fine.

Luggage and oversized bags are not allowed on any SPTC buses as our buses are not fitted with luggage compartment.

Our Structure

Chief Executive Officer at SPTC, Mr. Patrick Vel
Mr. Patrick Vel
Chief Executive Officer

He has ultimate responsibility for all aspects of executive management and is accountable to the Board of Directors.

The prime role of the board is to ensure good governance of the Corporation.  It is trusted with budget management practices of SPTC.

Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer at SPTC, Mr. Geffy Zialor
Mr. Maxwell Julie
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer at SPTC, Mr. Geffy Zialor
Mr. Geffy Zialor

Our contact details

Helpline:  4325252
[Mon-Sun | 7am-9:30pm]
Office: 4280280
[Mon-Fri | 8am-4pm]

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