SPTC strives to provide the best services to you. Indeed, you are encouraged to refrain from negative practices that may endanger others. Moreover, you must conduct yourself in an orderly manner when riding with us. The safety and security of our passengers is of utmost importance to SPTC. At present, SPTC is placing heavy emphasis on public education. Newly televised spots have been produced, brochures are readily available as well as information relayed to our clients via our Public Announcement system. As part of our strategies aimed at heightening safety and security levels, the ‘HOW AM I DRIVING?’ Please call 4325252 has been launched. To further compliment this, a Health and Safety Committee will also be launched and its prime role will be to boost health, safety and security levels. Therefore, it is important for you to respect the rules and regulations when travelling on our buses. We are working closely with the media and other agencies and departments to make sure every one is included.

Some do’s and don’ts…

  •  Queue up prior to boarding to the bus.
  • Ensure that you have enough change at hand and that tickets issued to you are valid.
  •  Do not stand beyond the yellow line.
  •  Ensure that you are properly seated and leave space for others.
  • Place your bags under the seat.
  •  Place underage kids on your lap.
  • Wrap fish and meat items in bags prior to getting on the bus.
  •  Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited on buses.
  •  Respectful communications shall be observed between others.
  •  Remind drivers to close bus doors when leaving the terminal and bus stops.

You should help us in making your trip pleasurable…

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