Are you having hassles repairing or carrying out maintenance works on your vehicles?

Then contact the SPTC Workshop Department and all of your troubles will be over in no time.

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Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you…

We are licensed to undertake various private motor vehicle jobs and we are capable of carrying out the following-

  • Fuel injection section
  1. Repair and calibrate injectors
  2. Phasing and calibrating injection pump
  • Machine shop 
  1. Skim brake drum
  2. Skim brake disc
  3. Reface cylinder head
  4. Crankshaft grinding
  5. Cylinder block boring/ honing and cross hatch
  6. Connecting rod reboring and rebush
  7. Front axle rebore, rebush, adjust and fit king pin
  8. Valve seat manufacturing
  • Body shop
  1. Body repair and spray painting
  2. Fitting of windscreen
  • Overhauling shop 
  1. Overhaul engine
  2. Overhaul transmission
  3. Servicing as per manufactures requirement and schedule
  • Electrical shop 
  1. Repair starters
  2. Repair Alternators
  3. 3.     Repair any electrical fault
  • Tyre shop 
  1. 1.     Repair tyres light and heavy